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From: Grant <emailgrant@×××××.com>
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Subject: [gentoo-user] {OT} High capacity backup plan needed
Date: Sat, 09 Aug 2008 00:29:49
1 I'm struggling to come up with a plan for making backups that is both
2 effective and economical. I have 4 Gentoo systems:
4 1. strong local desktop
5 2. weak local desktop
6 3. laptop
7 4. hosted remote server
9 I'd like to backup the important system and data files from each of
10 these systems, plus my entire (growing) music collection which is
11 stored on system #1. I'd like these backups to be safe in case of
12 fire, theft, hard drive crash, etc. The system and data files are not
13 a problem to encrypt, archive, store, and rsync across systems #1 and
14 #4 because their size is relatively small. However, my music
15 collection is big and growing and I'd like to have 1TB available for
16 it. I'm not sure how to handle that.
18 I could add a 1TB hard drive to system #4 for $375, and I do have
19 plenty of monthly bandwidth there to spare so I won't be paying extra
20 for that. That system is crucial for me though. Could involving that
21 P4 1GB system in a daily rsync with system #1 requiring sometimes
22 multiple GBs of transferred data slow it down? I would think the
23 limiting factor would be system #1's bandwidth on a Suddenlink cable
24 connection, so maybe that would keep things from getting bogged down
25 on system #4?
27 I looked into standalone backup solutions from my host and they have
28 hefty monthly charges.
30 I could set up NAS storage at a friend's place. We both have
31 Suddenlink cable connections so the throughput should be alright. I
32 don't like running a non-Gentoo system though, even if it is just NAS.
33 Plus he uses a Netgear router which needs to be reset periodically.
35 In addition, I think I would periodically backup the encrypted system
36 and data files to DVD and store a copy in two locations.
38 Any thoughts?
40 - Grant


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