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From: Mick <michaelkintzios@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] mutt configuration advice
Date: Mon, 27 May 2013 12:50:37
1 I would be grateful if some kind soul guided my hand on configuring mutt to
2 behave like ... errm ... kmail! O_o
4 Before you have a go, please let me explain myself. I love kmail, or better
5 said, I *used to* love kmail as it was back then when no semantic desktop, no
6 mysql database, no akonadi, no redland and what not, was imposed upon us. I
7 have no need for anything else than what kmail used to do back in the latter
8 part of KDE3. A simple flat file address book (OK, use sqlite if you really
9 must) and the simple search for messages it used to offer, was all that I ever
10 needed. In particular I found its integration with kgpg and kleopatra
11 extremely useful, and this is what has stopped me moving to other GUI mail
12 clients. I tried many of them was surprised to see how much better kmail was
13 for my needs.
15 Anyway, this was back then. Now kmail 1 is heading towards extinction and it
16 is a matter of time before devs pull the plug and push us all to the kmail 2
17 abomination. Since the full KDEPIM semantic bloatware is not to my liking and
18 I do not wish to allow kmail 2 to irreversibly lose my thousands of mail
19 messages, I thought of giving mutt a closer look. I had used mutt on and off
20 in a simple IMAP set up. Now however I would like to use it on my laptop,
21 with the need for offline access to read and draft/edit my messages, multiple
22 accounts and quirky settings. There are a number of things that feel awkward
23 with mutt and I am not sure if this is because mutt is just not for me, or
24 because it takes much more effort to configure functions, which on a modern
25 GUI client are just a click away.
27 So, let me start with the basics. I am using Gmail, for which I have
28 configured kmail to POP and download my messages in a local maildir without
29 deleting these from the server. The Gmail settings on the server show:
31 POP enabled
32 Leave POPped messages on server
33 IMAP enabled
35 With the above settings (not sure if they veer from the original Gmail
36 defaults) I am able to POP the Gmail server inbox and rather importantly I'm
37 also able to 'sync' with any sent messages on the server. I will not pretend
38 to understand how the latter is performed - haven't sniffed the packets to see
39 what happens - but this is what I get:
41 - When I send a message from kmail it will be saved in my local maildir sent
42 gmail subfolder and will also show up in the Sent folder of the Gmail webmail.
44 - When I send a message from the Gmail webmail the message will show up as
45 new (and downloaded if I click on it) when I launch my kmail.
47 - This sync'ing happens once only. If I thereafter delete a message on the
48 server the local copy is not affected and vice versa. This is useful for me
49 because I can delete locally any messages which are not particularly
50 important, but might want to refer to them in the distant future. Delete
51 messages on the server that I only want to keep locally. Delete both when I
52 don't want to keep them whatsoever.
54 However, I am at a loss as to how I should configure my .muttrc to achieve
55 this functionality. Ideally I would also like to replicate my current kmail
56 maildir folder structure in mutt, so that I can access the Gmail server with
57 either client; e.g.
59 ~/Mail/
60 |_inbox (all unfiltered messages drop in here)
61 |
62 |
63 |_Gentoo
64 |_cur
65 |_new
66 |_tmp
69 Can you please point me in the right direction for this set up?
71 --
72 Regards,
73 Mick


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