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From: Thomas Mueller <mueller6726@×××××××××.net>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Any way of tracing kernel freezes?
Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2013 05:57:01
1 Excerpt from Frank Steinmetzger:
3 > I found my old USB Gentoo which has memtest installed (and which I used
4 > for my first test also). I let it run for two passes, both successful.
5 > So the RAM seems fine.
7 > > Temperature? - check for dust puppies clogging the heatsinks, cooling etc.
9 > It's a netbook with a 6.5 Watt CPU. I'm going through the big emerge
10 > again right now (3.5 hours in), and it never goes above 66°. Besides, the
11 > freezes also happened when I didn't do anything heavy. Just surfing
12 > (though Firefox can also be heave for an Atom ^^).
14 > Anyhoo, I'm running 3.8.13 again now. I didn't have my config anymore,
15 > so I oldconfig'ed it from 3.9. Let's see whether it's more stable. If
16 > yes, hm... I can't really report this to the kernel devs: "My netbook
17 > freezes since 3.9, that's all I know. Here, have my configs." :-I
19 Is your temperature of 66° F or C?
21 System temperature or surrounding room temperature?
23 I have an old computer whose fan has quit as happened once before.
25 CPUs generate considerable heat, I see system temperature and realize the fan is much more critical than whether the room temperature is a chilly 20 C or sweaty (for humans) 35 C.
27 I don't use that old 2001 computer much, am getting ready to put together a new computer from parts to run FreeBSD and Linux, likely Gentoo; otherwise I'd order a Socket A fan.
29 When I do use that old computer, I open the case and prop a hair dryer to run at low, ambient-temperature air pointed at the CPU. This keeps the CPU down to 47 C according to the BIOS/CMOS screen. This is cool for the CPU if not for us humans.
32 Tom


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