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From: James <wireless@×××××××××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] AVCHD on Gentoo
Date: Fri, 09 Dec 2011 17:07:47
1 Hello,
3 Background:
4 Well it's time for a new camcorder rig.
5 My old sony (sr42) allowed me to mount the
6 hard drive and copy the files around
7 the net using standard linux commands
8 cp or scp.... very cool even if not intended.
9 I would then plug the usb cable into the shoe
10 (cradle for the camera) into the xp pc
11 and use the one touch button sony software to
12 burn a dvd. Nice and simple. A raw copy of the
13 mp4 files on a linux system, and burned
14 DVDs that just worked everywhere. Point
15 kaffine to a dir, and it auto plays the
16 files in sequence, like a movie. Simple
17 and cool.
19 <enter blueray and MP4-AVC>
21 NOW.
22 AVCHD is the camera version of H.264.
23 I guess I need to burn these to blueray
24 to keep the high res (HD 1920 x1080) wide
25 screen format.
27 How do folks process this sort of video
28 and what software do you use? What camcorders?
30 Do you burn the blueray disc on a gentoo system?
32 If you use PC software, what is the best to use?
33 Move the finished movie over to a linux system
34 for storage and replay; any issues?
36 Any discussion is welcome, as I really want a Gentoo
37 centric solution to using a high end camcorder.
39 I'm looking at Sony gear just cause I have an sony
40 tripod that may not even work with the newer
41 sony cameras........
43 Sony HDR-CX550V (low end) and up (Sony NEX-VG10),
44 but other suggestions are most welcome. Recording
45 on to the linux multimedia server is paramount
46 for me. If I have to use DOZ to process the
47 video, I can live with that, but would prefer
48 to do the post processing of the H.264 files
49 on Gentoo.
51 My target applications is sports recording,
52 particularly basketball games in high resolution,
53 so any advice on wide-angle issues is also of
54 keen interest to me.
56 James


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