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From: Dale <dalek@××××××××××.net>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] BIG reiserfs problem
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2006 11:10:22
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-user] BIG reiserfs problem by "b.n."
1 b.n. wrote:
2 > CapSel ha scritto:
3 >> It's now more than five times when reiserfs has "sucked my data into
4 >> /dev/null". At the begining I thout that was a hardware problem -
5 >> disk, ram... but now I am almost 100% sure that reiserfs IS NOT stable
6 >> file system. It doesn't matter if I have gentoo-sources or
7 >> hardened-sources, if I compile for my arch or for i386... heavy load
8 >> or just one rsync process, gentoo or slackware (I thought that I gave
9 >> "bad" CFLAGS, USE...).
10 >> lacked support for SEcurity labels some time ago...
11 >> But it is still fastest fs.
12 >> Am I the only one who have this problem?
13 >> So my question is - how can I help to eliminate this bug(s)?
14 >
15 > It's two years I'm using ReiserFS and I still had no problem *fingers
16 > crossed*.
17 >
18 > You are scaring me, anyway, :) and yours is not the first horror story
19 > I have heard about ReiserFS.
20 >
21 > I've heard good things about XFS, probably when I'll have to format
22 > I'll give it a try.
23 >
24 > m.
26 If you use XFS, make sure you have good power. XFS does not like power
27 failures at all. I have had to reinstall on a second rig because of
28 this very problem. If you have a UPS, that may be OK.
30 I have used Reiserfs since I started using Linux four years ago and I
31 have not had any trouble at all. I would make sure it is not something
32 bad on the drive. I'm even looking forward to Reiserfs4 myself.
34 Also, exactly what is the failure you have? Have you googled to see if
35 others have the same issue and maybe a fix?
37 Dale
39 :-) :-)
40 --
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