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From: Peter Humphrey <peter@××××××××××××.uk>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] General weirdness - a tale of woe.
Date: Wed, 27 May 2015 12:00:03
Message-Id: 2988031.1MpZN5Nf01@wstn
1 Hello list,
3 Over the last few weeks I've been having odd things go bump in the night. This
4 is a KDE amd64 system with /usr under / and no initrd.
6 The first thing was that my screen saver was being overlaid with a plain
7 default desktop. That was fixed by creating a new user for myself and setting
8 it up from scratch. Tedium galore, especially importing into KMail. Then I
9 found KMail creating duplicates of existing e-mails. It would make a few when
10 I started the program, then some more when I told it to fetch mail, and even
11 more when I clicked into the folder containing the copies.
13 Several other little oddities were happening too, and I began to suspect my
14 six-year-old disks. Well, I wanted to put some shiny new SSDs in anyway, so I
15 used this as the excuse. That seemed to fix everything and I ran for a week or
16 two in welcome peace.
18 Then this morning when I came back to the machine (it runs 24x7x52 running
19 BOINC projects) the screen saver overlay was back. Then I noticed that the
20 three Konsole windows I keep on one desktop had been resized one pixel
21 smaller, so that the last line didn't fit. I'm particular about that (OCPD?)
22 and would never have left it that way.
24 When I came to KMail I found that it wouldn't loop outside the current folder.
25 I have it set to loop through all of them, so I changed it, restarted KMail,
26 changed it back to loop through all folders and restarted KMail. It still
27 wouldn't go outside the current folder. I also notice it's ignoring my one
28 auto-correction setting - to capitalise the initial letter of a sentence.
30 So I ran an emerge -eK world and restarted. No change. Clearly something is
31 changing in my home directory tree, but what? I can't keep on creating new
32 user accounts.
34 The last thing is that at reboot the RAID-1 volume manager often fails to
35 start. It says afterwards that it's running, but all the /dev/vg7/* are absent
36 (that's where the logical volumes live). The file system root lives on /dev/md5
37 with metadata < 1.0, while /dev/vg7 has metadata >1.0. The fact that it
38 happens often but not always suggests a timing problem to me.
40 # rc-update -s -v | grep -e raid -e lvm
41 lvm | boot
42 lvm-monitoring |
43 lvmetad |
44 mdraid | boot
46 (This reminds me that since the last update of lvm2 I haven't been able to
47 work out how to set it up to cause no errors.)
49 Can anyone suggest a way to tackle all these? I'm puzzled in particular by the
50 apparent consistency in symptoms, apart from the RAID problem which I think
51 only became a nuisance after installing the SSDs. Gkrellm shows CPU temps of
52 50 to 55C, which seems normal enough. Could I have something misconfigured in
53 the kernel?
55 I'm reduced to making general arm-waving noises...
57 --
58 Rgds
59 Peter


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