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From: Doug O'Neal <oneal@××××××××.edu>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] help with transistioning to iSCSI
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2010 15:01:07
Message-Id: hj4hco$ip0$
1 This is not a gentoo-specific question but please bear with me. The
2 computer center I run has a fairly large beowulf cluster, a set of
3 database servers, and several other specific-purpose servers for a
4 total of around 175 systems. Currently there are a half-dozen servers
5 with local raid arrays used for home directories, which are NFS-exported
6 and mounted via autofs with LDAP tables. For a variety of reasons, I am
7 getting several iSCSI arrays and some of the directories on the file
8 servers will be migrated to these arrays. However, a few of the
9 direct-attach raids will remain as such. The iSCSI arrays will have OCFS
10 on them and will be mounted on most if not all of the servers. What I am
11 looking for is a manageable system of handling home directories. I see 3
12 different scenarios that need to be handled.
14 Case 1: A home directory is directly attached to hostA. If the user logs
15 into either hostA or hostB, the directory should be automounted.
17 Case 2: A home directory is on an iSCSI array mounted on both hostA and
18 hostB. When the user logs into either of these systems the home directory
19 should be automounted directly from the iSCSI mount.
21 Case 3: A home directory is on an iSCSI array mounted on both hostA and
22 hostB but not on hostC. When the user logs into hostC, the home directory
23 should be automounted from one of the other two hosts. I could probably
24 avoid this case with a some effort.
27 I can see a couple of solutions to handle all three cases but they are
28 all a pain to set up and manage. I'm not tied to autofs if another
29 solution is easier and as reliable. All of the systems in the center are
30 running gentoo and are kept up to date. User authentication is also
31 handled through ldap so uid/gid consistency is not an issue.
33 I'd appreciate advice from anyone who has worked though this issue
34 already. Thanks.