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From: Joseph <syscon780@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] quickpkg - blocking portage-
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2010 05:50:08
Message-Id: 20101127054745.GB6155@syscon4.inet
1 It seems to me new portage- doesn't like quickpkg, it complains:
3 Installing (1 of 1) sys-apps/portage-
4 * This package will overwrite one or more files that may belong to other
5 * packages (see list below). You can use a command such as `portageq
6 * owners / <filename>` to identify the installed package that owns a
7 * file. If portageq reports that only one package owns a file then do
8 * NOT file a bug report. A bug report is only useful if it identifies at
9 * least two or more packages that are known to install the same file(s).
10 * If a collision occurs and you can not explain where the file came from
11 * then you should simply ignore the collision since there is not enough
12 * information to determine if a real problem exists. Please do NOT file
13 * a bug report at unless you report exactly which
14 * two packages install the same file(s). Once again, please do NOT file
15 * a bug report unless you have completely understood the above message.
16 *
17 * package sys-apps/portage- NOT merged
18 *
19 * Detected file collision(s):
20 *
21 * /usr/bin/quickpkg
23 Should I remove the quickpkg to install new portage or comment-out "collision-protect" in make.conf?
25 --
26 Joseph


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