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From: "Timothy A. Holmes" <tholmes@×××××××××.net>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Several questions -- various topics
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2006 13:16:55
Message-Id: 17CD9CE4C0FA574A8B29EF02D49B385D2A960F@srvexch-01.mcaschool.local
1 Good Morning All:
3 I have several little projects that I would like to sweep up as we
4 approach the holidays, and would like some input from the community.
6 1. On my laptop, I keep the nics off by default, and start them as I
7 need them. The wired nic is started by /etc/init.d/net.eth0 start, and
8 the wireless uses wifi-radar. Both have to be called from a root term.
9 While this is effective, its not necessarially efficient, or
10 particularlly good looking when im working with (non linux) people
11 around (I'm the director of our IT department, and perception that I
12 have it together is important -- even if its not all together true :)
13 ). I use fluxbox on my laptop, which runs extremely well, and I also
14 use the adesklets modubar. I am wondering if there is a command that
15 could put into my gentoo menu, or my modubar that would allow me to run
16 either of those programs, (one entry for each) without having to either
17 start a root term, or sudo (which does not work for wifi-radar). I have
18 tried a sudo command for a switch on the modubar and it seemed to fight
19 back, but its possible that I didn't get it set up right. Any
20 suggestions or pointers would be very helpful.
23 2. I am looking for recommendations on a multi network chat client. I
24 have been using gaim for quite some time, however, there are some
25 problems in the latest version, and it does not seem that they will be
26 resolved for quite some time. I have looked at kopete, but its irc
27 support is very lacking, especially compared to kvirc which I love. I
28 am interested in hearing what other options might be out there.
30 I think that's all for now (im sure I'll think of more as time
31 progresses)
33 Have a great day
35 TIM
37 Timothy A. Holmes
38 IT Manager / Network Admin / Web Master / Computer Teacher / Science
39 Teacher
41 Medina Christian Academy
42 A Higher Standard...
45 --
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