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From: Fernando Rodriguez <cyklonite@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Mount UPnP MediaServers as FUSE filesystem
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2016 21:27:24
2 Hash: SHA256
4 Hello,
6 I just want to share this project I've been working on. It is a fork of djmount
7 [1] with the following fixes/improvements:
9 1. Unbundled and updated library dependencies to recent versions.
10 2. Multi-home support. The original djmount will run the UPnP client on the
11 first interface it sees. If it is disconnected you need to restart the daemon
12 or it stops working. This version monitors the networks interface and as soon
13 as network connections are up it launches a client on them.
14 3. More reliable device discovery. Once a device is detected it stays on the
15 list as long as it's available. Most UPnP clients drop the devices if UDP
16 packets get lost (ie. due to high network traffic).
17 4. Support for streaming files larger than 2GB.
18 5. Streaming engine with adaptive buffering.
19 6. Fixed several quite large memory leaks.
21 Basicly you just start the daemon and all the UPnP media devices on any networks you
22 connect to will appear as directories on the mount point them you can use any media player
23 to play them like a regular file. For best results you should disable all buffering on the
24 media player.
26 It comes with a systemd unit (it's installed if the systemd flag is enabled) that
27 mounts it at /media/UPnP. There's no openrc init script but if anyone wants to write
28 one.
30 The code is on github [2]. You can submit bugs and pull requests there. I've also
31 created an overlay [3] for it. I will soon be adding other related projects I've been
32 working on to that overlay and github organization. To install it just add the
33 overlay and emerge net-fs/avmount. It requires the FUSE module to be loaded or builtin.
34 To start it with systemd run systemctl start avmount and manually avmount <mountpoint>.
36 [1]
37 [2]
38 [3]
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51 BgIpubrY8QKS+x6JnvhIk9GSn7qf9qTaVZF/bmOpL44RtCs+U0auB54I81ZQM5rn
52 FDrHOpfy7WfqjXj+fbRR8pVVaJ9tFOXG6WKlXOKelvfhb0vaIg8mvgYc21zM14Mg
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