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Subject: [gentoo-user] Movies from phone and camera, using vlc and mplayer
Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2010 06:55:51
1 I copy movies from my phone and camera to my computer and have
2 troubles playing them.
4 The camera produces .mov files which file says are Apple QuickTime
5 movie (unoptimized).
7 The phone produces .3gp movies which file says are ISO Media, MPEG v4
8 system, 3GPP.
10 I also download youtube .flv movies which file says are mostly MPEG v4
11 system, version 2, but once in a while are Macromedia Flash Video.
13 And people send me movies, or links to them, all sorts of types.
15 Sometimes vlc plays some better than mplayer, sometimes the reverse,
16 sometimes neither will play them, and sometimes, like most right now,
17 vlc plays audio but no video, while mplayer plays the video slowly,
18 perhaps 5 times as slow, maybe ten ... I don't always have the
19 patience to wait for its slow motion. If I use the left and right
20 arrows in mplayer, the sound syncs back up, but the video is still
21 much slower and quickly falls behind again.
25 The mplayer slow video is the most frustrating part. I like mplayer
26 better than vlc, usually, but the slowness is really frustrating and
27 it doesn't recognize half the keys it used to, such as [] to speed it
28 up and slow it down. I was hoping to see if that would get the video
29 speed back closer to the sound.
32 I sent some phone .3gp movies to a friend with Windows. Won't play.
33 Is there a decent way to convert them to something he can play?
35 --
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