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From: Ralph Slooten <axllent@×××××.com>
To: Gentoo-user <gentoo-user@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-user] Lots of missing gentoo-user mail
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2006 05:43:30
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4 Hiya,
6 For the last 2 years I have been archiving structurally all my
7 gentoo-user mails I have received into MySQL. In the last few months I
8 have noticed that I have been receiving more and more broken threads
9 (In-Reply-To and References), indicating missing mails from those threads.
11 At present I use gmail to receive the mail which is then downloaded via
12 fetchmail to my imap server. Recently I added the
13 gmane.linux.gentoo.user newsgroup to my thunderbird to make some
14 comparisons between that I am receiving and what they are receiving. To
15 my surprise I am missing between 1 and 4 messages per thread (of more
16 than let's say 10 messages).
18 It is not a threading problem, and not a pop3 problem ~ I can confirm
19 that what I have in gmail is what I have locally.
21 To give some examples of totals in some larger threads over the last
22 couple of days:
24 Subject Local gmane
25 "Kde menu" 11 12
26 "MythTV vs. Gentoo VDR" 9 10
27 "PORTAGE_ELOG error" 24 28
28 "strange [ file" 27 31
29 "can't install ati-drivers" 13 16
30 "How packages becomes stable?" 8 9
31 "Unable to mount root fs on uknown - block (0,0)" 14 17
33 I have confirmed that that I have locally is exactly what I have in
34 gmail, so the problem is not local, and they are not caught anywhere in
35 gmail's spam filters.
37 What I am trying to work out if if it's just me having an issue with
38 gmail (which I will confront the gmail team there about), or if the
39 gentoo-user mailing server is skipping addresses or having issues
40 sending. Tracing mail logs over a few days to check threads can be a
41 painfully annoying job ;-)
43 I am subscribed to other lists too which I seem to be having absolutely
44 no problems with, although they are somewhat less active than the
45 gentoo-user one.
47 Are any of you (gmail or not) having the same problem? What is the
48 correct way to go about locating and confronting this issue?
50 Thanks for any advise.
51 Ralph
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