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Subject: RE: [gentoo-user] Libsld, what gives?
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2022 16:40:49
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-user] Libsld, what gives? by Alan Grimes
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3 >Sent: Wednesday, November 16, 2022 8:18 AM
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5 >Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Libsld, what gives?
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7 >Andreas Fink wrote:
8 >> On Wed, 16 Nov 2022 02:11:18 -0500
9 >> Alan Grimes <alonzotg@×××××××.net> wrote:
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11 >>> I'm jackhammering the system now and I'm getting about 50% error spew
12 >> I would suggest a different tool than a jackhammer to fix the problems.
13 >
14 >Basic assumption: Problems are caused by outdated packages.
15 >Underlying problem: In order to break a log-jam it is necessary to purge outdated packages.
16 >Facts on the ground: The only way to make ANY progress in updating outdated packages is to jackhammer the hell out of all packages in hopes that some of them might sucessfully update which will, hopefully either:
17 >
18 >A. allow other packages to sucessfully update B. Expose something that can be fixed.
19 >
20 >Once the logjam is broken, the system is then --emptytree world'ed and declared healthy... Expected failure rate is on the order of 0.3% of hopefully unimportant packages.
21 >
22 >It is known that the KDE group of packages has incomplete dependency graph because it is hopelessly convoluted, and it always causes problems and the only way to break through it is the jackhammer approach.
23 >
24 >LLVM and friends also fails to update when updating within a single slot and this is VERY annoying...
25 >
26 >What causes me to post to the list is when I get failures that prevent me from even beginning to jackhammer the system.
27 >
28 >--
29 >Beware of Zombies. =O
30 >#EggCrisis #BlackWinter
31 >White is the new Kulak.
32 >Powers are not rights.
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35 If you're going to try to dig all the way to the bottom first then --ignore-world and --ignore-built-slot-operator-deps can be helpful for forcing it to build what it needs to break a dependency loop. But do be aware that things may cease to function during the intermediate stages.
37 If those are not sufficiently strong, then you can climb into the package repo and start issuing ebuild commands yourself and it will do what it's told without bothering about checking dependencies at all. Make sure you know what you're doing... Obviously...
39 But seriously, try disabling any overlays first if at all possible. It's quite common for those to lag behind the main repo and turn things into a tangled mess.
41 An expected failure rate "on the order of" 0.3% means you expect it to be no less than 0.03% and no more than 30%... So I think you're probably already within that envelope. :D
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