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From: Alexey Eschenko <skobkin-ru@××.ru>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Problems with XFCE probably after last update
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2017 14:18:29
1 Hi everyone.
3 I'm experiencing some strange problems after last XFCE update on my
4 desktop system (and less on my laptop).
6 1. (desktop only) After DE startup I'm encountering error message
7 telling me that Notification Area plugin unexceptedly stopped (or
8 something like that) with two options: execute it again and remove from
9 the panel.
10 1.1. Restarting does not help on regular basis. One time it works, but
11 next time it keeps showing this dialogue window again and again until I
12 close it (and notifications disappears from the panel).
14 2. (desktop and laptop) Some icons in "Launcher" plugin now doesn't
15 shows (see:
17 ). Some of them are detected natively from default application icons and
18 some of them was added/changed by me to ICO/PNG files.
19 2.1. Some icons are still shown in the Launcher settings while not shown
20 in the pannel in the end (see:
22 )
24 3. (desktop only) At the same time when I first encountered problem #1 I
25 also discovered that "qTox" messenger now starts in two instances when
26 on previous system boot it was only one. There is only one instance of
27 "qTox" in the "Session and Startup" -> "Application Autostart". May be
28 XFCE now fails to merge "Session" and "Application Autostart" data to
29 prevent this type of situations? Strange thing is: this bug encounters
30 only with qTox. Nothing else runs twice (at least I didn't see anything
31 like that).
33 --
34 Kind regards,
35 Alexey Eschenko


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