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To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] tethering an htc incredible
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2011 02:04:09
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-user] tethering an htc incredible by Allan Gottlieb
1 On 21 June 2011, at 01:16, Allan Gottlieb wrote:
2 > ...
3 > It is my phone that has the problem and I bought it from verizon.
4 > None of the boxes are greyed out.
5 >
6 > However, I don't see a "tethering" option. I do see a mobile broadband
7 > option that seems to be tethering and I can set it. This changes the
8 > "connection type" to "mobile broadband connect (share phone's mobile
9 > network with the PC)".
11 On 2.2 on the Desire it's under Settings > Wireless & networks.
13 Towards the bottom of the screen there is "Portable Wi-Fi hotspot" and then right at the bottom there's a "USB tethering" tickbox.
15 This menu structure obviously varies between Android versions, because these screenshots show are both a little different to mine:
18 (I think the grey bar shows what sub-menu of settings this is in: in the first pic I think you would have got there via Settings > Wireless Controls and the second one via Settings > Tethering & portable hotspot)
20 Now, I hadn't looked at this before this reply, but the "USB tethering" tickbox was greyed out when I did so. So I plugged it into my Mac via USB and a "how do you want to connect?" pop-up appeared on the phone:
22 (note I have never installed any drivers for my phone on my Mac).
23 The pop-up disappears after a moment, but subsequently the "USB tethering" tickbox in Settings is no longer greyed out.
25 Note that you can choose a different option by pressing on "Charge only" in the notifications menu:
28 Having written all this, I took a moment to Google, and it seems you *are* indeed looking in the right place:
29 [1]
30 but I also get the impression this is indeed a Verizon customisation, and it's so that they can charge you extra:
31 [2]
33 All I did was google "incredible verizon tethering" and I found plenty of discussions of this all around the net:
34 [3]
35 [4]
37 > One preliminary question remains. When you mod the linux kernel and
38 > don't even have the phone plugged in (or don't even have a phone), are
39 > you supposed to get the usb0 interface. I do not get such an interface,
40 > which is why I suspect the problem may be on the linux end.
43 I think that you should get some kind of notification when you connect the USB cable to the phone.
45 I don't think my Mac is in any way "recognising" my HTC when I plug it in.
47 Stroller.
50 [1]
51 [2]
52 [3]
53 [4]


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