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Subject: [gentoo-user] AMDGPU eventually hangs my system
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2018 19:07:10
Message-Id: trinity-855f2204-4755-4e81-a515-fa2e0a50255f-1534964810125@3c-app-webde-bs24
1 Hi,
3 I finally got my kernel rebuilt with support for the AMDGPU. Now my hp laptop can finally talk to the HDMI port and lighten the screen up to a readable. I really started to like it. Then my system started hanging.
5 Actually, the very first time I brought up X with the new kernel, it also went into that mode, but I hoped it was only a fluke. But it still does it, eventually.
7 Mostly it happens when I'm in VirtualBox, but I don't think only then.
9 My touchpad seems to work - if a bit jerky - after it enters the hang mode.
10 My bluetooth mouse hardly moves. Clicks don't work. Entering a virtual terminal doesn't work.
12 Has anyone else experienced this, or known of changes made to correct it?


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