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Subject: AW: [gentoo-user] [OT] Why directories aren't files?
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 09:55:19
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1 Hi,
3 the question is, what is a file? I would say; a file is an object related to a specific inode. So a directory would be a file as well as FIFOs, unix-sockets, char, block-devices, symlinks and of course regular files.
5 The problem is, that not each kind of file is threaded the same way on Linux. And also it isn't on FreeBSD and the most unix-like systems. If you want an OS, where really everything is a file without exceptions and special kind of files, you should use Plan9.
7 But independent from this aspect, a file refers in its inode to a chunk of storage on the hard disk (or other storage medias), which contains its data. But some files like directories don't contain data. And when you read from a file for example by cat, the content of its allocated chunk of storage will be read. But if there is no such data, for example because of it is a directory, the most clean way IMHO would be to show a corresponding error message.
9 Best Regards
10 Sebastian Noack
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20 > Hi all,
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22 > I was wondering why Linux doesn't treat directories like files, as many
23 > other unix implementations do.
24 > For example, in Linux, you can't do 'cat .' while on FreeBSD you can.
25 > Why? There is a practical reason?
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27 > Forgive me this OT, I wasn't able to find a suitable list.
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29 > Thanks for replies.
30 > Bye.
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