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Subject: [gentoo-user] How to set package.use for layman overlays
Date: Sat, 17 May 2008 11:26:57
1 I've just started to use layman tools and wondered if setting such
2 things as /etc/portage/package.use would still be done in that same
3 place and same way?
5 I want to install an overlay of emacs-cvs but with different use flags
7 I'm following along with the instruction at:
10 On my laptop I run Gentoo Linux. Getting the latest version of Emacs on Gentoo was a breeze! :
12 * Setup Layman
13 * Add the emacs overlay: sudo layman -a emacs
14 * Add the following USE flags for app-editors/emacs-cvs: sudo
15 flagedit app-editors/emacs-cvs X Xaw3d alsa gif gzip-el jpeg
16 lesstif png sound spell tiff toolkit-scroll-bars xpm -gtk
17 -hesiod -motif -source.
18 * GTK support is explicitly turned off as it causes problems with
19 multi-TTY. This is no biggie for me as I always have
20 (menu-bar-mode -1) and (tool-bar-mode -1) set.
21 * Emerge: sudo emerge emacs-cvs -va
22 * Tell the system to use the new emacs: sudo eselect emacs set emacs-23-multi-tty
25 To get emacs-multitty set up. It isn't really clear what role layman
26 plays in those instructions since the final command is
27 emerge emacs-cvs
29 Or will that automatically use the layman overlays.
31 Or maybe the author assumes I don't already have emacs installed from
32 /usr/portage.
34 I realize this is a little offhanded since its asking advice about 2nd
35 party instructions. But I have no experience whatever with layman or
36 using overlays at all. So thought maybe better to ask here than
37 directly to the author of those instructions.
39 --
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