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Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Gentoo's future directtion ?
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2014 17:06:58
1 On 11/22/14 01:20, Rich Freeman wrote:
2 > On Fri, Nov 21, 2014 at 7:13 PM, <wireless@×××××××××××.com> wrote:
3 >> On 11/21/14 17:10, Rich Freeman wrote:
5 > If you want to work on them, you might consider becoming a dev, or
6 > working on them in an overlay (which is a good way to become a dev,
7 > actually).
9 Exactly, I agree. That is why the idea to have a small core of Gentoo
10 elites (the chosen devs) and move everyone else into overlays, is a
11 very bad idea.
13 > You seem to be under the impression that Gentoo devs work on things
14 > that the Gentoo leadership tells them to work on. That is hardly the
15 > case, many of our most important packages are also the least
16 > maintained, because devs work on what they work on, and not on the
17 > stuff the leadership considers important. If a Gentoo developer
18 > wanted to work on Java the leadership wouldn't interfere with that
19 > just as they didn't interfere with a couple of devs deciding to fork
20 > udev.
22 > Rich
25 Not really. I think you misss my points and intentions exactly. Java is
26 critical and growing. Folks are constantly knocking on the gentoo door
27 with technologies, that are java centric. Here is the latest one, just
28 posted to gentoo-dev:
34 I tried to participate with the java herd/project. Few have the
35 authority to close old java bugs. The few that do, are apathetic,
36 absent or just do not 'give a shit'. I was told to go work
37 on java bugs, maybe somebody will notice. Really.
39 The first 100 or so I looked at, are deprecated. They just need somebody
40 to 'remove them' the BGO java backlog is being artificially used to
41 prevent java work on gentoo. Somebody of authority needs to open
42 up java for other folks to work on. Close the 100 oldest bugs
43 is a no brainer and a good start, yet nobody will do that, and nobody
44 else is allowed to close them. *CONVENIENT* if you hate java and are
45 in control.
47 If this is not true, the the council should open up java bug cleaning.
48 Worst case scenario, these hundreds of old bugs will have to be
49 re-filed, with updated data from this decade..... (actually a very
50 excellent idea in and of itself).
52 This policy, whether part of a grand conspiracy, or due to apathetic
53 leadership, has the net effect to run off potential new devs to gentoo
54 and who like java.
56 PS. sorry about forking to new threads, my access is now nntp
57 (earlybird) and it just down not follow the thread correctly.
60 Rich, I actually appreciate you help. But somebody of authority is going
61 to have to step into this java on gentoo mess and clean house,
62 provide leadership and encourage (hell, just remove the roadblocks)
63 from java on gentoo.
65 OK?
68 sincerely,
69 James


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