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Subject: [gentoo-user] wicd not restarting after hibernation
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2015 16:08:16
Message-Id: 20150423110744.0d72d968@sepulchrave.remarqs
1 On my amd64 laptop, on resume from hibernation, wicd almost always
2 fails to restart. This problem goes back to when I set up the machine,
3 over a year ago, but it seems to have gotten a lot worse in the last
4 month or so.
6 I'm using openrc and sys-power/hibernate-script. I run mostly stable;
7 AFAIK stable everything to do with power management, init, and
8 networking. I use stable gentoo-sources. AFAICS, resuming works
9 normally except for wicd.
11 The configuration for hibernate-script has:
13 RestartServices fcron wicd
15 When it wicd fails to start, in /var/log/messages I see entries like
16 this:
18 Apr 23 08:38:28 sepulchrave dbus[1369]: [system] Activating service name='org.wicd.daemon' (using servicehelper)
19 Apr 23 08:38:28 sepulchrave dbus[1369]: [system] Activated service 'org.wicd.daemon' failed: Launch helper exited with unknown return code 1
21 `sudo /etc/init.d/wicd start` always works to get it going again. And
22 on (re)boot, wicd starts fine.


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