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To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Handling a sizable amount of spam and Dovecote question
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2022 14:43:40
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-user] Handling a sizable amount of spam and Dovecote question by Marco Rebhan
1 Marco Rebhan wrote:
2 > On Thursday, 20 January 2022 14:22:02 CET Dale wrote:
3 >> What do others do with spam to minimize it?
4 > Hi Dale,
5 >
6 > I'm not sure if you're talking about self-hosted mail because you
7 > mention dovecot, if you do:
8 >
9 > I use postfix's smtp_recipient_restrictions to block mail coming from
10 > servers marked as spam by RBLs:
11 >
12 > smtpd_recipient_restrictions =
13 > reject_rbl_client,
14 > reject_rbl_client
15 >
16 > I'm not sure if this is doable through Dovecot configuration, but
17 > without an MTA like Postfix you can't receive mail anyway. This alone
18 > seems to block most of the spam I get. And additionally I have rspamd
19 > and some filters set up because some stuff does get through. I think
20 > Postfix also lets you block IP ranges directly in case you get spammed
21 > by some network that isn't listed on spamhaus but I haven't needed that
22 > yet.
24 Once I get Dovecote set up, that could be a option.  Sounds like a good
25 one at that.  ;-)
28 >> I'm considering setting
29 >> up another email address and switching then closing current account.
30 >> Yea, it's that annoying. Is there someone I can report them too? Is
31 >> there something I'm not recognizing in the message headers that I can
32 >> use to report them too?
33 > In case you're using some other email provider (is this about your Gmail
34 > address?), what you can do regardless is set up filters (ideally server-
35 > side if they provide the capability...) filtering mails by e.g. From
36 > header (I have a whole list of those), and if they have a well
37 > configured spam filter you should be able to move the spam mail into
38 > your spam folder and it should eventually start to classify similar mail
39 > as spam automatically. (but this is specific to the service so I can't
40 > tell you a way that works everywhere)
42 If I understand you correctly, I have filters set up for different
43 messages.  Gentoo-user for example gets sent to a Gentoo-user folder.  I
44 have similar set up for most anything that I get on a regular basis;
45 ebay, Amazon, bank, family, friends, gentoo lists or forums and lots of
46 others.  Seamonkey comes with a spam filter and most go to trash as I
47 have it set to do.  Thing is, I'd rather not get them because who knows
48 what mischief they can do or what can be attached.  I have Seamonkey set
49 to not load anything, except for highly trusted sites, but still, I
50 don't like them sending me their junk.  In all honestly, it doesn't do
51 them any good because of my own policy.  I never click on ads, not since
52 2003.  While I use adblock to block most stuff, even if a ad gets
53 through, I never click on them.  As a matter of fact, there are some
54 that have paid for some really annoying ads on sites that I've blocked
55 because of their ads.  I don't do business with them.  Why reward bad
56 behavior??
60 >> By the way, I have dovecote set up and the service seems to start.
61 >> What do I do after getting the service to start to set up where to
62 >> get email etc?
63 > If you aren't self-hosting your mail but want to (be warned, it's a fair
64 > bit of setup connecting it all together), you first need a domain, a
65 > server with a static IP address (don't use some box in your home) that
66 > has the correct rDNS record set in addition to DNS, so the hostname can
67 > be resolved from its public IP. To actually be able to receive mail, you
68 > also need an MTA. Dovecot is just a way to access a mailbox, it doesn't
69 > actually handle receiving mail from other servers or sending mail.
70 > Postfix is what I use for that, they work well together. I followed
71 > these wiki articles among some others I can't find right now to set it
72 > up initially:
73 >
74 >
75 >
76 >
77 > I hope this helps!
78 >
79 > -Marco
82 Well, for the moment, I want to use it for gmail that I'm posting with. 
83 My reason for this, Seamonkey is in a iffy state.  I've already started
84 using Firefox and containers for most other things but use Seamonkey
85 mostly for emails.  My hope, set up something local so that I don't lose
86 any older emails and then be able to access those emails with whatever
87 web browser or other tool I want, like Firefox.  Of course, I'd want to
88 be able to send email as well.  Maybe this is a bigger task than I think
89 it is.  Either way, I have Dovecote installed, think it is working but
90 no idea what to do with it. 
92 Thanks.
94 Dale
96 :-)  :-)


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