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From: Allan Gottlieb <gottlieb@×××.edu>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] tethering an htc incredible
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2011 04:08:40
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-user] tethering an htc incredible by Stroller
1 On Mon, Jun 20 2011, stroller@××××××××××××××××××.uk wrote:
3 > On 21 June 2011, at 01:16, Allan Gottlieb wrote:
4 >> ...
5 >> It is my phone that has the problem and I bought it from verizon.
6 >> None of the boxes are greyed out.
7 >>
8 >> However, I don't see a "tethering" option. I do see a mobile broadband
9 >> option that seems to be tethering and I can set it. This changes the
10 >> "connection type" to "mobile broadband connect (share phone's mobile
11 >> network with the PC)".
12 >
13 > On 2.2 on the Desire it's under Settings > Wireless & networks.
14 >
15 > Towards the bottom of the screen there is "Portable Wi-Fi hotspot" and then right at the bottom there's a "USB tethering" tickbox.
16 >
17 > This menu structure obviously varies between Android versions, because
18 > these screenshots show are both a little different to mine:
19 >
20 >
21 > (I think the grey bar shows what sub-menu of settings this is in: in
22 > the first pic I think you would have got there via Settings > Wireless
23 > Controls and the second one via Settings > Tethering & portable
24 > hotspot)
26 My options are different. Under wireless and settings I have
27 Airplane mode
28 Wi-Fi
29 Wi-Fi
30 Bluetooth
31 Bluetooth settings
32 3G Mobile Hotspot
33 3G Mobile Hotspot settings
34 VPN Settings
35 Mobile network
36 Mobile networks
37 Mobile broadband connect
39 I examined each one and the word tethering does not appear.
41 The mobile hotspot states that I need something from verizon. But this
42 is used to create a wireless access point so that laptops can connect
43 via wifi.
45 The mobile broadband connect changes the (USB) connection type to
46 mobile broadband connect (share phone's mobile network with PC), which
47 are the same words you had for "USB tethering". The other possibilities
48 are "charge only", "htc sync", and "disk drive". I have used the first
49 and third.
50 But when mobile broadband connect is selected, I see nothing new on the
51 laptop's dmsg. It still ends with
52 [60846.989994] sd 17:0:0:0: [sdb] Attached SCSI removable disk
54 This is why I keep thinking the trouble is on the linux side.
55 It looks as though the phone is trying. It is also why I keep asking
56 what others do on linux (and why I find your comment below about your
57 MAC so interesting)
59 > Now, I hadn't looked at this before this reply, but the "USB tethering" tickbox was greyed out when I did so. So I plugged it into my Mac via USB and a "how do you want to connect?" pop-up appeared on the phone:
60 >
61 > (note I have never installed any drivers for my phone on my Mac).
62 > The pop-up disappears after a moment, but subsequently the "USB tethering" tickbox in Settings is no longer greyed out.
63 >
64 > Note that you can choose a different option by pressing on "Charge only" in the notifications menu:
65 >
66 >
67 > Having written all this, I took a moment to Google, and it seems you *are* indeed looking in the right place:
68 > [1]
69 > but I also get the impression this is indeed a Verizon customisation, and it's so that they can charge you extra:
70 > [2]
71 >
72 > All I did was google "incredible verizon tethering" and I found plenty of discussions of this all around the net:
73 > [3]
74 > [4]
75 >
76 >> One preliminary question remains. When you mod the linux kernel and
77 >> don't even have the phone plugged in (or don't even have a phone), are
78 >> you supposed to get the usb0 interface. I do not get such an interface,
79 >> which is why I suspect the problem may be on the linux end.
80 >
81 >
82 > I think that you should get some kind of notification when you connect the USB cable to the phone.
83 >
84 > I don't think my Mac is in any way "recognising" my HTC when I plug it in.
86 I would be willing to pay the fee since I need it only one month per
87 year. But I worry that even with this, it won't work since everyone
88 seems to be saying that the usb0 interface appears without the phone
89 doing anything so I must have something wrong in the kernel.
91 allan


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