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From: Albretch Mueller <lbrtchx@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] (more about) portage issues and simple/basic hacks/ideas about how to deal with them ...
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2007 12:10:52
1 Hi *,
2 ~
3 I have been using different Linux and BSD distros without settling
4 for any in particular. As it always happens with any other thing
5 anyway in life you find things you like in one that you don't have in
6 the other
7 ~
8 I like the gentoo way, except for their BSD-like portage system's
9 attempt to keep everything on the bleeding edge, which seems to me to
10 be quite a bit stupidly risky. I am thinking here mostly about running
11 servers
12 ~
13 Almost everything else about the portage system I like (even though
14 reverse dependency checks and all this good stuff would be great to
15 have)
16 ~
17 I have been fancying about a portage-system-like package management
18 utility that would let me:
19 ~
20 1) choose the most Linux stable kernel
21 ~
22 2) choose the most stable applications' versions that would dance
23 well after 1)'s music
24 ~
25 3) check all "most stable" dependencies
26 ~
27 4) let me compile "a-la portage" my custom system (verifying and
28 keeping the sources ...)
29 ~
30 I think this is doable. To me it is just a case of bridging cultures.
31 You could for example cheat/use the list of packages and dependencies
32 of the most stable debian release
33 ~
34 I love gentoo (specially the hardened gentoo project) and I
35 understand gentoo does things this way by its very design. Nonetheless
36 I have also heard endless complaints from gentoo users about portage
37 ~
38 I think most probably there exists something like what I have in mind
39 and/or there are other people that have been thinking about the same
40 thing
41 ~
42 Any clarifications, leads, ideas or comments on it?
43 ~
44 In which other way do you think can portage be improved? Especially
45 for server, HA setups
46 ~
47 Thanks
48 lbrtchx
49 --
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