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From: Wols Lists <antlists@××××××××××××.uk>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Kernel config thingy, "make menuconfig"
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2022 11:22:40
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-user] Kernel config thingy, "make menuconfig" by Dale
1 On 16/01/2022 09:43, Dale wrote:
2 > Wols Lists wrote:
3 >> On 16/01/2022 06:06, Dale wrote:
4 >>> I got nconfig to work.  The others didn't because of missing packages.
5 >>> It's interesting how many different ways there is to config a kernel.  I
6 >>> went to a link that was posted, still reading it.  May learn something
7 >>> else, if I can remember it when I need it.  lol
8 >>
9 >> Apart from the fact I think I lost /var in my recent rebuild, I set up
10 >> dokuwiki on my system and used it to make notes of all sorts of
11 >> interesting stuff.
12 >>
13 >> If you can't remember things, find some package (like dokuwiki) that
14 >> will let you make notes ...
15 >>
16 >> Cheers,
17 >> Wol
18 >>
19 >>
20 >
21 > I'll look into that.  I have a file in /root named freq-commands.  I
22 > keep it for frequent commands I use and explain what they are for.  I
23 > just cat and grep the file to find what I'm looking for.  Sometimes I
24 > have to cat the whole thing but most of the time I remember enough to
25 > grep for it.
26 >
27 > I used to work for a magazine company and I tracked over 10,000 magazine
28 > issues.  I could look at the cover and know if it was out of date or
29 > not.  I always had the lowest late return rate in the company.  Now, I
30 > forget what I went to the kitchen for.  Sadly, I do that a lot.  :-(
31 >
32 > Got emerge working on that now.  See what it looks like.  Could be a
33 > nifty tool.  ;-)
34 >
35 There's another tool (might be webapp-config) which manages Apache
36 add-ins, including dokuwiki.
38 I set it up manually last time, but I need to see whether this will set
39 it up for me this time round.
41 But at the moment, my computing focus is on (at work) learning to be a
42 power-user/developer in Excel, and at home I'm working on a database
43 called ScarletDME - that's DME as in Data Management Environment I think.
45 It's (finally) an Open Source Pick database. Think back to "the database
46 is the computer" so it's much more than a relational database, and its
47 data-model is a superset of relational.
49 Only snag is, relational (like Pascal) tries to force you to "do the
50 right thing", and as I'm finding out that's easier said than done. Pick
51 (like C) just gives you all the rope you need to hang yourself with ! ;-)
53 If anybody likes the sound of it, feel free to download and play!
54 There's a ScarletDME google group, you'll be very welcome. Just be
55 warned, despite being based on a very successful commercial product
56 (OpenQM), the basic thing is very much text based, and I get the
57 impression that ScarletDME is a bit raw round the edges at the moment.
58 Your typical user lives in the command line and has never heard of
59 database connectivity, despite it being both feasible, and easy.
61 Hope to see people there!
63 Cheers,
64 Wol