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Subject: [gentoo-user] Via vb7001 mini-itx vrs Gentoo
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2008 17:58:31
1 Hello,
3 I just bought a via vb7001 mini-itx:
6 or
9 I did manage to get Gentoo installed on it, however while everything was
10 compiling I read the docs for the bios to get the CRT and Composite to
11 work.
12 A few ebuilds didn't compile, always the same ones, looking for i486
13 glibc. Thinking (still not entirely sure, but it seems logical to me)
14 that I used the x86 stage3 rather than the 686 stage3 I decided to do a
15 clean install. So I rebooted it, changed the bios to get CRT and
16 Composite to work (and they do), and to reinstall and it died immediately
17 after loading the kernel from the 2007.0 minimal cd. Tried gentoo-nofb,
18 nada, tried gentoo-nofb noapic, nada.
20 So, I decided that I just screwed something up in the BIOS so did the
21 jumper thing as described in the docs to reset the bios to factory
22 defaults. It booted CRT only. Then I carefully set only the settings
23 that I thought were necessary to get composite and CRT to work. It booted
24 and I got this:
26 while fscking the partition.
28 I thought, ok, so I killed the install, wrong stage3, live and learn,
29 reboot, reinstall. So I rebooted but now whenever I try to mkfs.ext3 it
30 locks up and displays garbage on the screen like a busted atari. So, I
31 tried the pin trick. Same result. mkfs starts up, formats the first 1/3
32 or so of the partition (60gig) and belches out atari.
34 I've had Gentoo running on my PII and my athlon64 3000+ just fine for
35 quite some time and have reinstalled them several times when the cruft
36 gets out of control.
38 I let it sit for a few hours and then decided to run memtest86. Memtest86
39 ran for slightly more than a second then I got atari. I don't have
40 anything else that accepts that type of ram so I have no way to isolate
41 it.
43 Any ideas?
46 --
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