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Subject: [gentoo-user] To be a dvd drive or not to be dvd drive...
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2011 18:10:16
Message-Id: 20110620175052.GB20378@solfire
1 Hi,
3 Attached to a USB port of my PC (linux- vanilla) there is a
4 USB to IDE converter, which makes my "old" dvd burner accessible via
5 my SATA only PC.
6 I thought...
7 When I connect everything as described, insert an empty DVD and start
8 k3b, an error message is displayed saying that there is no DVD drive
9 (or better no drive at all).
11 Things change, when I insert an already written DVD first, connect
12 everything, start k3b and replace the dvd with an emplty one.
13 Then this world is one of the best to burn dvds. ;)
15 I took a look into /dev and found, that there is a /deb/usbdev2.5 when
16 the drive is loaded with an empty dvd. This one is replaced by
17 /dev/sr0 (including correct links to /dev/dvd and such) when the drive
18 gets loaded with a already filled dvd.
20 Previously (exact point in time unknown ... I am not burning dvds
21 often...) this works without any problem.
23 So I dont think that the hardware is to blame here...
25 Are there any tricks to fix this hassle?
27 Thank you very much for any working device....hrrrmmm...:)
29 Best regards,
30 mcc


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