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From: Jayson Smith <ratguy@×××××××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Help! with a pam upgrade, lockout, etc.
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2008 04:05:01
Message-Id: 000f01c8ee0b$900385a0$6900a8c0@BOE
1 Hi,
3 I'm running Gentoo. As part of an unrelated package upgrade, PAM got
4 upgraded. Ever since, or sometime afterward, anything requiring a username
5 and password fails. My POP3 server fails, I can't even log in as root! If I
6 try to log in at the console, it takes the username, which can be a real or
7 a non-existent user, and doesn't ask for a
8 password, but instead waits three seconds or whatever, and tells me the
9 login is incorrect. Thank Goodness, I do have exactly one console window
10 logged in as Root, so I'm not totally locked out. I had upgraded PAM in the
11 recent past. Could it be that I need a reboot? Only reason I don't do this
12 is...
13 My ISP blocks port 25, so I have to manually run a redirector program
14 to forward another port to port 25 on my Linux system. I don't know how to
15 get this to run automatically at startup, easily. And wouldn't you know it,
16 I have a Mailman list going which I really don't need to have down, as it's
17 pretty important. So, if I reboot and am still locked out, then I'm screwed.
18 If I can't log in as root, then I can't start redir. No redir, no SMTP, no
19 Mailman, unhappy list members. Any thoughts? I'd love to think a reboot
20 would solve the problem, but don't want to chance a total lockout. I don't
21 assume there's a way to say to a system, "I am the almighty God of this
22 system, and you *will* let me in as root!"
23 One other thing. I'm blind, and use Speakup with a speech synthesizer.
24 Obviously I don't listen to the stuff that goes on during an emerge. So, if
25 it told me anything important I must do in order to avoid this situation, I
26 missed it. Usually when this happens it beeps a bunch of times, but I don't
27 remember hearing any beeps.
28 Thanks for any help.
29 Jayson


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