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From: Steffen Becker <steffen.becker@××××××××××.de>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] problem with Bluetooth / BlueZ
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2012 20:20:44
1 Hello,
3 at first: my english is not very well, so i hope you understand me.
4 And I'm new to gentoo (new to linux at all), so I don't have a good
5 comprehension of this OS (and that's why I write this "prose", because I
6 don't know which information are important).
8 My problem is about Bluetooth/BlueZ and sadly i found out that not many
9 gentoo-users are familiar with that - if someone of you is: please read
10 the following:
12 What's my problem:
13 I have two gentoo-PCs and a Bluetooth-3.0-Dongle at each PC.
14 Some weeks ago, BlueZ-4.98 was installed and I had no problems to
15 connect my devices with "rfcomm"-command and with "pand"-command. But
16 then I wanted to sniff this connection with an air sniffer. For that I
17 found out, that sniffing only works if I enable the so called "SSP Debug
18 Mode". But "Enabling SSP Debug Mode" is no default feature of BlueZ, so
19 I got a patch from the BlueZ-developer and i installed it. At the same
20 time BlueZ-4.99 was released and I also installed that. With that patch
21 I was able to sniff my rfomm-connection.
22 BUT since that I am not able to connect my devices via "pand"-command!
24 Maybe the installation of BlueZ4.99 or patch changed some
25 bluetooth-configuration? I don't know. But if I run hcidump and try to
26 connect via "pand", I get the message, that there is a "security block".
28 Hope anyone of you know what to do.
30 In addition: I think I have to change my security-configuration, but I'm
31 not familiar with the syntax (and I hope I picked the right file to change):
34 In attachment you find the two hcidump-messages from both devices while
35 I tried to connect via "pand".
37 And at last, here is the way I try to connect my devices:
38 PC2 # sdptool add NAP
39 PC2 # pand -s -r NAP -M
40 PC1 # pand -c <bdaddr>
42 Best regards,
43 Steffen


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