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From: Allan Spagnol Comar <allan.comar@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Why ity has to be so frustrating !!!
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2006 20:09:02
1 Good afternoon list.
3 I am trying now for 8 days to make nvidia RAID works on gentoo
4 systems; I pass trhought all stages, I had difficult make live cd
5 works, then after it works I have to use the hard way to make grub
6 install.... after all that I thought it was every thing cool and I
7 would be allowed to run my gentoo, I was wrong.
9 I had tried genkernel and Hard way ( a script to genrate initrd ) on
10 kernel 2.6.16 and none of then work, always complaining that real_root
11 wasn´t there and I could run a shell and really there was just
12 /dev/mapper/control no raid device. So some wise guys said to me,
13 there is a bug on 2.6.16 that doesn´t work with RAID 0, so I emerged
14 2.6.15-r1 and tried again both ways, genkernel and the other ......
15 again none of them work, with a addin, my kernel panics at boot !
17 so were should I go now, just use windows .... because infortunilly
18 every single hardware fabricant just think of windows users...... I
19 can not erase my windows, and RAID on windows gives a real boost. So
20 what is left to me is keep trying make the louse nvidia fake raid work
21 on linux ......
23 I pray for a wise guy that had done this before !!!! HELP ME !!!!! I
24 think I had tried everything I know and some things that I didn´t know
25 either !!!!
27 sorry for the large mail and the terrible english ..... but, could
28 anyone help .....
30 thanks ..... Allan
32 PS. ( for more explanations on what happened on my system there is a
33 thread on the list,
34 subject: Help with nvidia fake raid. )
37 --
38 An application asked:
39 "Requires Windows 9x, NT4 or better",
40 so I´ve installed Linux
42 --
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