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From: Mike Williams <mike@××××××××.uk>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] OT SATA card recommendations
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 11:29:37
1 Hey,
3 In the next month or so I wish/need to make some storage modifications, I'm
4 running out of space, quickly.
5 Currently it's a horrible hodge podge of 2 RAID5s in one VG, and 1 RAID10 in
6 another VG. 1 of 3 is PATA other 2 SATA (RAID5), 5 of 5 SATA (RAID5), and 4
7 of 4 PATA (RAID10), 1 of 1 PATA (boot and OS). Spread over the on-board PATA
8 controller, a PCI 2 port PATA (for the 4 drives in RAID10), and an 8 port
9 marvell SATA card (which doesn't have a usable driver I can find after
10 2.6.13).
11 That lot in a very old globalwin 302 (??) midi tower.
12 Yes, it's *hot*.
14 I already know I'm going for a Antec P180, so I'm limited to a maximum of 10
15 drives, one boot disk, and a CD (something I'm missing now).
16 320GB drives are the best £/GB at the moment, even if they only give 298GB
17 usable space.
18 10 x 298GB / RAID6 == just under twice what I've got already, and more
19 redundancy.
21 So, the point in my post. I need a 12 port SATA card that works properly with
22 open-source drivers (preferable in kernel).
23 Cost isn't the primary concern, even if this is only for home use.
24 I don't need, or in fact want, on-board RAID, software RAID is better in my
25 opinion.
26 3x 4 ports is an option, at a push. I'd rather not lose the gigabit nic
27 though.
28 I see that 3ware do a 12 port card, but it's over 500 quid! Cost may not be
29 the primary concern, but 500 quid is still 500 quid!
31 Anyone with any experience?
33 Ta
35 --
36 Mike Williams
38 --
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