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From: Sam Bishop <sam@××××××.email>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] CI Continuous Integration
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2014 03:59:26
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] CI Continuous Integration by James
1 Very interesting. A great example of how something can be both Gentoo
2 and Not Gentoo. This is 100% Gentoo unlike Funtoo or Sabayon, but it
3 brings in some of their advantages. Gentoo doesn't prevent us from
4 having multiple package variants and this leads to cool stuff like
5 being able to have a set of layman repositories that ebuilds graduate
6 through in stages, from 'dev' to 'test' to 'stable'.
8 And this is why I feel so strongly about Gentoo + Git + CI
9 While github may not be the right place and raw 'git' not the right
10 tool. I am a big fan of how phabricator + arcanist provides workflow
11 guarantees on top of using git, such as the 'must pass the linter
12 rules + tests' workflow and how it can track and reference external
13 repos side by side with the repos it hosts.
15 I feel the future belongs to Gentoo as steward of the ebuild format,
16 portage and related tools more than as a 'meta distro'. CI is the
17 force multiplier, when anyone who wants to build a "Gentoo powered
18 distro" has a documented set of tools they can use to 'stand up the
19 infrastructure' for things like package QA using a CI Server, a Binary
20 Package build server/server farm, and Binary Package hosting for the
21 build artefacts. By rights Gentoo not Debian, Arch or Fedora should be
22 the Distro of choice for creating experimental niche distros from but
23 we lack the kind of tools to make it 'easy' for people to do. I'm
24 currently experimenting to see how many of these I can prototype
25 inside Docker containers or LXC images and it looks quite promising.
27 The future looks bright for Gentoo. :-)
30 On 17 December 2014 at 01:15, James <wireless@×××××××××××.com> wrote:
31 > Well,
32 >
33 > For all of those who are interested in Continuous Integration, especially
34 > with the demise of Tinderbox, Look at what I just stumbled (googling)
35 > across
36 >
37 >
38 > "Zentoo Linux also provides a bunch of experimental overlays for special
39 > setups (like Continuous Integration system needing X11 and browsers) and for
40 > testing experimental new packages. "
41 >
42 >
43 > [1]
44 >
45 >
46 > I have not had a chance to look it over, but at first glance it seems
47 > some folks are already taking (CI) ideas to the next level?
48 >
49 >
50 > interesting,
51 > James
52 >
53 >


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