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From: Daniel Frey <djqfrey@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] KDE5 & Disabling search and recent documents & thoughts
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2016 23:55:17
1 OK
3 We're in 2016 now. And KDE *still* doesn't make it easy to disable their
4 damn indexer. I've never wanted to search through my menu, I've never
5 wanted it to remember every damn file I've opened. It's a personal
6 preference.
8 WHY can't we have a single checkbox to disable all this crap? I found
9 one and it didn't work (search in system settings.) Then when I was
10 searching around online I found out it will reenable itself magically
11 randomly anyway!
13 I also tried balooctl and it didn't work either.
15 So I got very pissed off at this point and did the following:
17 $ chmod 444 ~/.kde4/share/apps/RecentDocuments/
18 $ rm /usr/bin/*baloo*
20 Rebooted
22 $ rm -rf ~/.config/baloo*
23 $ rm -rf ~/.local/share/baloo
25 Rebooted again
27 ...and FINALLY it stopped indexing and remembering stuff that I told it
28 not to. It still remembers the last application used, but I don't really
29 care about that. I've put those commands in a script in /etc/local.d too.
31 Just figured others might want the info. A note, searching for files
32 through Dolphin can be affected by this. I never do that myself, I
33 always use a shell (konsole, etc.)
35 I've been using and tweaking for a couple hours now and haven't seen any
36 ill side-effects from my "nuclear" option.
38 One other gripe on KDE5: it's 2016, why can't we use the meta key to pop
39 up the menu? Really...
41 Other than that, things are a bit different. I'm not sure I like the
42 flat look yet. After the upgrade for some reason the K menu was
43 invisible, but when I set the theme to Oxygen it was visible again? I
44 thought that was odd, did anyone else experience that?
46 Dan