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From: Alan McKinnon <alan.mckinnon@×××××.com>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-user]
Date: Tue, 04 Mar 2014 19:05:02
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] by Guido Budack
1 On 04/03/2014 20:20, Guido Budack wrote:
2 > Hi,
3 >
4 > actually I am reading the handbook because I intend to change from
5 > debian to gentoo.
6 > I am some sort of a 'purist'.. however...
7 > I just ask myself while reading chapter 3 very carefully:
8 >
9 > isn't it necessary to modify any fstab after you installed partitions
10 > and file-systems resp.
11 > mouting the same?
12 > Since now I can't see anything comparable in the handbook.
14 It's in later chapters
17 > Secondly I intend to install from scratch- that means no network.
19 Um, errr, no :-)
21 If you do a sane install, you will have the network connectivity you set up.
23 What do you mean by "install from scratch"? Surely you aren't
24 contemplating doing a stage 1? Yikes, I haven't done one of those in
25 *years*. Stage 1 is only useful for building the stage 3 that you should
26 be using, for live-cd creators and the masochists amongst us.
28 True masochists though do a LinuxFromScratch install. It's a good
29 learning experience, but just that - do it once, see how it's done and
30 forevermore thereafter do it the easy way (stage 3).
32 > Will I get a root-prompt after the fist steps of installation?
34 No, you get a login prompt where you log in as root
36 > The controverse discussions in the web are not really satisfying...
38 It's not 100% apparent how the install works from reading the handbook,
39 you have to do it to see how it works. Do note that all distro installer
40 work in this general way, Gentoo just lets you see more of the process.
41 In summary:
43 You need a running OS to install an OS. You get this anywhere you choose
44 but the easiest is to boot from a removeable media (CD, USB, etc). In
45 this environment you will partition your disks, mkfs the volumes, mount
46 them under /mnt and do other things to set up the system. Then you
47 unpack a stage3 and the portage tree onto these partitions and chroot
48 there. You have to unpack the tarballs then chroot otherwise you will
49 try chroot into an empty directory structure - ain't gonna work.
51 A stage 3 gives you a basic working environment with a toolchain and
52 some useful software. And you can configure and build a kernel in it.
53 That is the bulk of this part, so after some various bits of
54 housekeeping and setting up grub, you reboot.
56 With luck, the thing you just installed will boot and give you a prompt.
57 at this point your only user with a shell is root, so you start doing
58 basic sysadmin actions like defining users, setting all your default
59 config options, updating the entire system to latest versions (the
60 stages usually lag behind) and installing every other package you want.
61 You also set up networking as hopefully you built the proper network
62 drivers when you built the kernel earlier. If not, no big deal, just
63 make menuconfg and build the kernel again. The stages already contain
64 all the software you need to get wired and wireless going, so as long as
65 you have the proper drivers built and loaded you can enable the network.
66 It's not especially pretty but it works like a bomb and you can make it
67 pretty later if you wish.
69 Every distro installer out there follows these same basic principles
70 (order varies widely), Gentoo just lets you see what's really going on.
71 Follow the handbook, you'll do fine. Ignore dumb interwebz posts saying
72 how hard it is, those *always* come from people a) without patience or
73 b) who can't read and didn't do what the fine handbook saysto do.
74 Thousands of folk have done these installs, by far the majority succeed
75 first try. Statistically, you are unlikely to be that one in a thousand
76 who fails :-)
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