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From: Dale <rdalek1967@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Device notifier changed mounting for normal drives
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2020 22:07:06
1 Howdy,
3 Given my other thread, you know the history of this.  I was going to try
4 to use Device Notifier, (DN), to mount a encrypted external hard drive. 
5 As some know, it didn't work well.  That tool isn't made for that it
6 seems.  So, I'm doing it manually.  That's fine.  Now I have a new
7 problem.  When I was trying to mount the encrypted drive, it created a
8 new path.  The new path is /run/media/private/ and then user name, name
9 of drive etc etc etc.  Normally it uses this path, /run/media/dale/ and
10 then name of drive etc.  Since I tried to mount the encrypted drive, it
11 now wants to mount everything under the path with private in it.  Since
12 I have a little script that does my backups, it throws that off big
13 time.  It's trying to copy to the wrong place since this is mounting in
14 the wrong place.  This will also mess up other things as well.  I have a
15 lot of things I plug in to download pics and such.  Deer trail cameras
16 to say the least.
18 I tried deleting the private directory.  I was hoping it would not
19 recreate it and would default back to the old one.  It didn't work.  It
20 recreated the private path and mounted it there even tho it is not
21 encrypted.  Also, even tho it is set not to, it mounts automatically.  I
22 have DN set to NOT automount anything.  Sometimes I plug things in
23 because I want to format it or do other things.  Sometimes I want to
24 mount it manually so it mounts somewhere else.  Automounting is not
25 something I want.  Just for giggles, I turned automount on, saved it,
26 then turned it back off and saved it.  It still automounts, to the wrong
27 location no less.
29 Someone mentioned that DN uses udisks.  I took a peek at the config file
30 in /etc and it hasn't changed. No mention of private path either.  I
31 then tried to find anything udisks in /home, nothing there either.  I
32 can't figure out where this option got set to remove it or even a config
33 file I can delete completely and it start fresh, hopefully the old way. 
34 I'm not sure how to get the old behavior back at this point.  Does
35 anyone know where this thing is set?  I'd be fine deleting a file and
36 letting it start fresh if needed. 
38 I still wish I could find a easier way to mount the encypted drive but
39 right now, I want to get the old way back for normal devices I plug in
40 and use DN to mount. 
42 Ideas?  Thoughts?
44 Dale
46 :-)  :-)