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From: Mick <michaelkintzios@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Web application for contact management...
Date: Sun, 14 Jun 2009 22:04:47
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] Web application for contact management... by Steve
1 On Sunday 14 June 2009, Steve wrote:
2 > I am looking for a web-application to manage contacts... but I'm not
3 > looking for "just an address book"... I guess this isn't especially
4 > gentoo, but I'd ideally like to run a server on my gentoo box, so I hope
5 > I can be forgiven for asking here.
6 >
7 > Personally, I'm absolutely awful at remembering people's names or
8 > dates... I'm not so bad at remembering their jobs; where I met them;
9 > their opinions about cuisine or cars etc. etc. The snag I find is that
10 > I tend to forget the details that would be most useful to remember -
11 > while I remember all the trivia. I forget when I last spoke to
12 > occasional acquaintances - and about details that don't mean much to me
13 > at the time... for example, about spouses or partners if I meet in a
14 > work environment.
15 >
16 > What I'm looking for is some software to help me to collate details
17 > about my occasional contacts... the idea being that if I expect to meet
18 > someone I've not met for a while, I've an aide memoir about whom
19 > introduced me - and the last time we spoke.
20 >
21 > Does anyone know of any application to do this? An open-source
22 > web-application would be perfect as it would allow me to run a private
23 > server - hence eliminating potential security and privacy concerns -
24 > while making the information available independent of the kit I have on
25 > my desk. Key features would include some sort of standard form to help
26 > jog my memory to enter details I might forget - while being flexible
27 > enough not to try and pigeon-hole the people I meet.
28 >
29 > Any suggestions? Any good experiences? I guess I could even pay for an
30 > application like this - if it was good... though not a lot, of course,
31 > since this would be a personal purchase.
32 >
33 > Ideas?
35 Have a look at sugar-crm, or any other CRM application. Of course a corporate
36 database to manage customer info may be an overkill, but that's what you're
37 describing, if only at a personal rather than corporate level.
39 If running mysql, or postgresql is too much, check out the address book
40 features of most mail clients - they usually have space for notes. You can
41 write in there all trivia and non-trivia for each contact. I am using kmail
42 and its address book also has custom fields that you can create as you need
43 them. An address book search will pick up words from within any notes and
44 custom fields too. That should hopefully do what you need.
45 --
46 Regards,
47 Mick


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