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From: Jake Moe <jakesaddress@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] [OT] MonoDevelop + Moonlight
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2010 10:06:58
1 Hello all
3 Can anyone help me with this combo? I've unmasked MonoDevelop from
4 Portage and installed it, and it runs, but when I tell it to make a test
5 Moonlight app and try to build/run it, it errors with "Framework
6 'Moonlight / Silverlight 2.0' not installed", and if I expand all the
7 References in the "Solution" section, I get a bunch of "Assembly not
8 available for Moonlight / Silverlight 2.0 (in Mono 2.6.4)" messages, one
9 under each reference. Any ideas how to fix this?
11 I have the Moonlight plug-in installed from
12 (the one in Portage is still on v1,
13 while v2.3 is out), and it works on a Silverlight app I wrote using
14 Visual Studio & Silverlight in Windows. Do I need the Moonlight Portage
15 package as well? I would have thought that whatever it did, the plugin
16 I downloaded and installed would have done the same; but maybe it's not
17 in a system-wide location, and needs to be?
19 Or maybe I need to install a "Moonlight SDK"? I tried to find one of
20 these, but from what I gathered, this should have been bundled together
21 with the MonoDevelop sources, and I assume would have gotten built along
22 with it? The availability of the choice "Moonlight application" in
23 MonoDevelop leads me to believe that it's built whatever it needs, but
24 I'm missing something.
26 I've also tried loading the VS 2008 solution I wrote (and successfully
27 built, and can successfully run on Gentoo/Firefox) into MonoDevelop, and
28 then I get the same errors I got before.
30 Documentation on the Mono, Moonlight and MonoDevelop pages is pretty
31 sparse when it comes to this combo; I'm getting the impression what I'd
32 like to do is very much under development, and perhaps just not ready
33 yet? Or am I missing something?
35 Any help would be appreciated.
37 Jake Moe
39 PS: I've signed up on the Moonlight mailing list as well, but before I
40 posted there, I thought I'd check to see if maybe this was a
41 Gentoo-specific thing. If not, I'll ask there.