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From: Volker Armin Hemmann <volkerarmin@××××××××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Seek advice: converting Sabayon to Gentoo ?
Date: Sat, 27 Jun 2009 10:05:59
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-user] Seek advice: converting Sabayon to Gentoo ? by Alan McKinnon
1 On Samstag 27 Juni 2009, Alan McKinnon wrote:
2 > On Saturday 27 June 2009 02:28:59 Alan E. Davis wrote:
3 > > Perhaps I can just edit the existing /etc/fstab, using device names. The
4 > > device numbering is inconsistent between GNU/Linux distros under the
5 > > (what I presume to be) new scheme, with all devices names as /dev/sdX .
6 >
7 > Default kernel names are like that deliberately. The driver assigns a
8 > unique name in the order that devices are found, and the name depends only
9 > on whatever the author decided to give it. If you use the modern ATA
10 > subsystem to drive your disks, they get called sd*. The older drivers
11 > non-SCSI still call disks hd*.
12 >
13 > This way you get a naming scheme that is guaranteed to be unique, but with
14 > no other guarantees whatsoever (not even consistency). It's the simplest
15 > thing that could possibly work (and a very sane engineering choice
16 > actually).
17 >
18 > If that doesn't suit your needs, you can customize it with udev rules, or
19 > mount by device UUID, or mount by filesystem label.
21 or you create a software raid setup and mount mdX. Since the kernel
22 autoassembles the stuff you don't have to care about sdX or hdX or whateverX
23 ;)