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Subject: [gentoo-user] Question on install
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2017 14:47:44
1 refering to the amd64 handbook, at  "downloading the stage tarball"  where it says "
2 Downloading the stage tarball
3 Go to the Gentoo mount point where the root file system is mounted (most likely /mnt/gentoo):
4 root #cd /mnt/gentoo"
6 does that mean to change to where gentoo will be installed, or where the cd/dvd is mounted?  i'm using a gentoo live dvd.  seriously just trying to get a basic install to start with.  i ask because it doesn't seem reasonable (to my ignorant brain) to download to the ram drive created by the install dvd, if so then so, whatever works.  life is a learning process, those who've chosen to stop learning have chosen to stop living in a meaningful was.  i may trip sometimes, but i am always, always trying to learn, especially when it's "inconvenient".  thanks to all those intending to help. 
8 i have never cross posted, if this email appears anywhere other than "gentoo-user@×××××××××××.org please check the headers, it wasn't me, was never that ignorant nor arrogant.
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