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Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] layman tree (re)location - /usr/local
Date: Tue, 02 Jun 2009 19:01:43
Message-Id: 20090602190139.GA8677@marvin.heimnetz.local
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] layman tree (re)location - /usr/local by Mike Kazantsev
1 * Mike Kazantsev (mk.fraggod@×××××.com) [02.06.09 17:22]:
2 > Answer in a neighbor thread reminded me of a question that puzzled me
3 > from the start: what's the rationale behind moving layman tree
4 > from /usr/portage/local to /usr/local/portage?
5 >
6 > I can see why all ebuilds belong in the same /usr/portage tree -
7 > separate (optimized) fs, easy to backup (snapshot?) or omit from backup
8 > (a lot of small files, completely irrelevant to system operation), easy
9 > to share between several machines along w/ packages built from it,
10 > and /usr/portage/packages should be inconsistent w/o layman tree, if
11 > it's used at all... but moving it to /usr/local, which isn't used
12 > by gentoo at all seem completely irrational to me, why?
13 >
15 Well my backup strategy only saves the contents of /usr/local all other
16 things beneath /usr are easily recoverable. And since this place also
17 contains the local overlay with some handmade ebuilds, ebuilds from
18 b.g.o and no longer maintained ebuilds, I think this was a rather
19 intelligent move. And sometimes you do not want any further upgrade in
20 one of your layman overlays, so things might differ from the source and
21 are harder to recover than from the attic of portage. Or even the
22 overlay may vanish, but you need to keep the ebuilds. So you can sanely
23 do a backup just from /usr/local.
25 packages/ is another thing, because here is the most common use case
26 is to build them once and then share them between many computers. And in
27 such scenarios you mostly share the whole portage tree via nfs.
29 > Oh, and I know that I can keep it all in the same place, of course, and
30 > I always do just that, still...
31 >
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33 > Mike Kazantsev //
35 Sebastian
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