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Subject: [gentoo-user] Any glaring use flags here
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2007 04:59:21
1 This machine is been prepped to be a sort of DMZ machine, but not
2 more wannabe than really since it will not route stuff to my home lan
3 at all... just be the recipient of all blocked stuff at an upsteam
4 NETGEAR firewall/router.
6 I would like an opinion about the USE flags I keep in /etc/make.conf
8 I've pared it down from a more extensive list with some quite old
9 stuff on it.
11 Just wanting to make sure there is no glaring incompatability.
13 I remember seeing something about the nptl and nptlonly flags being
14 outdated. Is that right? And I'm pretty sure -gnome -kde and -X is
15 little overboard... but not sure what -X really does.
17 USE="mysql emacs mbox hal acpi logrotate vga nptl nptlonly \
18 -ipv6 -imap -maildir -gnome -X -kde"
20 --
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