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To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] spamd segmentation fault and spamassassin will not emerge
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2010 14:33:54
Hi.  I am getting a segfault when I try to start the spamd which is part
of spamassassin.  I tried re-emerging the package and got the following:
line 2405: 14949 Segmentation fault      perl Makefile.PL "$@" <<<
 * ERROR: mail-filter/spamassassin-3.3.1-r3 failed:
 *   Unable to build! (are you using USE="build"?)
 * Call stack:
 *, line   56:  Called src_configure
 *   environment, line 2752:  Called perl-module_src_configure
 *   environment, line 2369:  Called perl-module_src_prep
 *   environment, line 2427:  Called die
 * The specific snippet of code:
 *               perl Makefile.PL "$@" <<< "${pm_echovar}" || die
 *     "Unable to build! (are you using USE=\"build\"?)";
 * If you need support, post the output of 'emerge --info
 * the complete build log and the output of 'emerge -pqv
 * The complete build log is located at
 * The ebuild environment file is located at
 * S:
Any ideas would be appreciated.
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