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From: Alan McKinnon <alan.mckinnon@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Re: nVidia & nouveau on nVidia 8600M GT
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2011 06:10:25
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] nVidia & nouveau on nVidia 8600M GT by Alan McKinnon
1 Happy news:
3 Upgrading to KDE-4.6.0 fixed all the annoying issues below.
7 Apparently, though unproven, at 00:54 on Wednesday 26 January 2011, Alan
8 McKinnon did opine thusly:
10 > Hi all,
11 >
12 > I'm not completely happy with my driver setup for an 8600M GT.
13 >
14 > Using nvidia.ko, KDE with desktop effects enabled (especially translucent
15 > popup thumbnails on the task bar, and blur effect on) makes my notebook fan
16 > run all the time and kwin uses 20% cpu according to top. Oddly enough, the
17 > fan runs faster with the screensaver on (displaying a single static jpeg)
18 > and settles down when I unlock the screen.
19 >
20 > Nouveau is supposed to be useable (if not entirely stable yet) but it makes
21 > the fan run flat out, notebook gets hot very quickly, top reckons kwin is
22 > using 30% cpu even with all fancy effects off and gui events have a
23 > noticeable lag to them - a short but very noticeable delay after mouse
24 > clicks for example. It all looks very much like some process is blocking
25 > as when things get around to happening, they happen quickly - like
26 > glxgears spins it's wheels at a terrific rate and very little gets in it's
27 > way once it starts.
28 >
29 > I reckon it should not be this way and I have yet again done something
30 > stupid. I've scoured the net and forums for howtos but found nothing and
31 > this has been going on for at least 5 kernel versions.
32 >
33 > Are there any known issues that cause things like this that I've
34 > overlooked? I strongly suspect it's not an obscure detail peculiar to me,
35 > more like I absolutely need kernel feature X for best results.
37 --
38 alan dot mckinnon at gmail dot com


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