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From: Ronan Arraes Jardim Chagas <ronisbr@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Portage GUI interfaces...
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2010 06:09:10
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] Portage GUI interfaces... by BRM
1 Hello fellow,
3 Me and Locke Shinseiko are developing a graphical tool to make portage daily
4 tasks easier. It is called KPortageTray and you can find it on app-
5 portage/kportagetray at kde overlay.
7 It doesn't have a version relased yet, only git, because we need to implement
8 some features and correct some bugs to make it good to use with KDE 4.4.
10 My idea was a very different approach of himerge, portato, porthole, etc.
11 I decided to use a very simple approach: it is a program that stays on systray
12 and when you choose some action, it opens the konsole with the command you
13 want using kdesu for root access. So, if you click at "upgrade world", it will
14 open a konsole with kdesu and will run "emerge -vaNDu world". This is because
15 the GUI may introduce an instability point at every process, since it can
16 crash and make the upgrade process fail. Sabayon has a similar tool (sulfur)
17 and users and devs advice to use it only for minor upgrades. So, with
18 kportagetray, when konsole is opened, the process is totally detached from the
19 GUI. Consequently, you can even close kportagetray without interrupting the
20 selected action.
22 It won't substitute the entire CLI of portage, but it is aimed for people who
23 is tired to type the same commands every time to upgrade the system or do
24 something else.
26 I'm implementing some stuff to make life easier, like a periodic upgrade
27 checks with a system message on systray (like Windows update program and
28 sabayon system).
30 When we get something good for daily use, I'll let you know.
32 Regards,
33 --
34 Ronan Arraes Jardim Chagas
35 Control and Automation Engineer
36 Gentoo Foundation Member
38 Em Qua 24 Fev 2010, às 23:40:23, BRM escreveu:
39 > I am interested in finding a GUI interface for working with portage,
40 > preferably for KDE4. Namely b/c I am getting a little tired of having
41 > konsole windows open and not being able to keep track of where I am in the
42 > emerge update process - something a GUI _ought_ to be able to resolve.
43 >
44 > In googling, I noticed Kuroo, but it's no longer maintained (nearly 2 years
45 > out of date now, so it would have to have been KDE3) so it's been
46 > understandably removed from mainline portage - though I also noticed
47 > information on a Kuroo overlay.
48 >
49 > And I also came across Porthole; however, all versions are marked
50 > Unstable/Testing (~) at the moment.
51 >
52 > Can anyone give some advice on these or others?
53 >
54 >
55 > Ben


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