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From: John Blinka <jblinka@××××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] need help tuning distcc
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 18:10:44
1 Hi, all,
3 I run Gentoo on a very old 150 mhz pentium laptop. As you can imagine,
4 it's painful to update Gentoo packages on it. I've been attempting
5 to use distcc and crossdev so that the more more modern i686 machines on my
6 local network can do most of the compiling for this i586 box. However,
7 I haven't been very successful in offloading its compilations to the faster
8 boxes: distcc still seems to want to do most of the compiling on the
9 slow box
10 and only occasionally sends a compilation to one of the faster boxes.
12 My reading of the docs suggests that the /etc/distcc/hosts file controls how
13 the work is distributed and MAKEOPTS in /etc/host controls how much
14 parallelism
15 is attempted. My setup on the slow box is MAKEOPTS="-j5" with
16 /etc/distcc/hosts
17 containing a line like
19 fast_box_1/2 fast_box_2/2 localhost/1
21 My intention is that make will attempt 5 way parallelism, and that
22 distcc will
23 parcel out the 1st two tasks to fast_box_1, the next 2 tasks to fast_box_2,
24 and the last task to localhost, the slow box.
26 But, as I watch compilations progress on all 3 machines, I see most of
27 the work
28 being done, on the slow box - typically 2 or 3 compilations
29 simultaneously, and
30 only an occasional compilation on the faster machines.
32 How do I convince distcc on the slow machine to send more work - all of
33 it if
34 possible - to the fast machines?
36 Thanks for your help.
38 John Blinka
39 --
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