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From: Samuraiii <samuraiii@×××××.cz>
To: gentoo-user <gentoo-user@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-user] Apache Php cgi and user_dirs
Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2011 20:37:21
1 Hello,
3 Today Im form morning trying to get working apache 2.2.21-r1 and php
4 5.3.8 with userdirs mod.
5 The problem is that apache is capable of opening ~/public_html but when
6 it gets to open folder with index.php
7 it fails with this error:
8 (in browser)
9 The requested URL /php5cgi/php/~uname/path/to/index.php was not found on
10 this server.
11 (in syslog)
12 [date] [error] [client ::1] File does not exist:
13 /var/www/localhost/htdocs/php5cgi
16 php uses:
17 apache2 berkdb bzip2 cli crypt ctype curl curlwrappers exif fileinfo
18 filter flatfile ftp gd gdbm hash iconv ipv6 json ldap mhash mysql mysqli
19 nls phar posix readline session simplexml spell ssl sysvipc tidy
20 tokenizer truetype unicode xml zlib
22 apache uses:
23 apache2_modules_actions apache2_modules_alias apache2_modules_auth_basic
24 apache2_modules_authn_alias apache2_modules_authn_anon
25 apache2_modules_authn_dbm apache2_modules_authn_default
26 apache2_modules_authn_file apache2_modules_authz_dbm
27 apache2_modules_authz_default apache2_modules_authz_groupfile
28 apache2_modules_authz_host apache2_modules_authz_owner
29 apache2_modules_authz_user apache2_modules_autoindex
30 apache2_modules_cache apache2_modules_dav apache2_modules_dav_fs
31 apache2_modules_dav_lock apache2_modules_deflate apache2_modules_dir
32 apache2_modules_disk_cache apache2_modules_env apache2_modules_expires
33 apache2_modules_ext_filter apache2_modules_file_cache
34 apache2_modules_filter apache2_modules_headers apache2_modules_include
35 apache2_modules_info apache2_modules_log_config apache2_modules_logio
36 apache2_modules_mem_cache apache2_modules_mime
37 apache2_modules_mime_magic apache2_modules_negotiation
38 apache2_modules_rewrite apache2_modules_setenvif apache2_modules_speling
39 apache2_modules_status apache2_modules_unique_id apache2_modules_userdir
40 apache2_modules_usertrack apache2_modules_vhost_alias ldap ssl
42 I'm absolutly desprate of this
44 I do not understand why its looking for php files under /php5cgi/php/
45 whe I dont even have cgi enabled in both php and apache
47 Any suggestions would be appreciated
48 S


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