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From: tuxic@××××××.de
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Subject: [gentoo-user] Emergian oracle spoke again...
Date: Wed, 04 Mar 2020 02:22:16
Message-Id: 20200304022204.bdzcihcfhi4mtich@solfire

I got this oupt while updateing:

!!! The following installed packages are masked:
- x11-misc/tintwizard-0.3.4-r3::gentoo (masked by: package.mask)
# Andreas Sturmlechner <asturm@g.o> (2020-02-26)
# Unmaintained revdeps on dev-python/pygtk blocking its removal, py2-only
# All masked for removal in 30 days.
# Last release in 2011, bug #708106
# No plans upstream to port away from pygtk, suggested alternative dupeguru
# not packaged in Gentoo, bug #708112
# Last release in 2012, bug #708124
# Last release in 2012, bug #708142
# Last release in 2011, bug #708150

I interpret this as:

tintwizard will be removed because of being Unmaintained and python-2

As an alternative, "dupeguru" is suggestet.

The description of tintwizard is:
"GUI wizard which generates config files for tint2 panels"

dupeguru isn't in the repository so I searched for it and found:
"dupeGuru is a cross-platform (Linux, OS X, Windows) GUI tool to find
duplicate files in a system."

Both application seem to have silightly different use cases.

Or what dupeguru is meant here?



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