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Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2017 14:46:01
1 Apologies, systemd is in centos/RHEL starting with V7.  I just checked, somewhere in the last few months i misinterpreted something drastically, i was sure systemd was gone, sadly it's not.  Guess i'll be installing etc. today, Centos 6.9 can't run the newest firefox due to a dependency that can't be satisfied in V6.9.  I know i had 7.4 installed and had problems, somehow i missed the systemd incorporation.  I guess init systems is a good place to start some deeper learning.  Guess i made this years mistake ;)  .
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7 11. Dec 2017 07:04 by××××××××.com:
10 > detail, the machine with centos is running 6.9, systemd was in V7+ i'll have to check that.  systemd was i believe in the later versions of V6.  I will check, it's been a hell of a year with many frustrations and my memory of V7 might be wrong, i'll be installing the latest centos later today so i'll check (i'll check before i install if possible).  I do remember this change, unless the stress had me severely confused, which might have happened, it was bad enough that i had a massive heart attack and didn't even know that was the problem, it's something of a miracle that i'm still here (badly blocked arteries, and apparently i tried to get off the table!).  Thankfully my heart has recovered completely, i'm a tough old bird.
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19 >> I've been using centos on one machine and checked.  When it was there it showed up in the process manager.  just checked system monitor ,it's using /sbin/init, manual for init on that machine says "upstart".  man entry also says "init is event-based init daemon"..."this is different to dependency based init daemons",  systemd is of course dependency based, unless i'm terribly confused, in which case it's time for gentoo or debian on all my boxes. (yes, i use desktops almost exclusively). 
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21 >> i like big screens (multiple), proper keyboards, and a mouse or trackball.)  I have a smart phone, too tiny screen, too tiny keyboard, and in this case somewhat damaged code.  Besides, it's hard to put a 3TB drive in a phone, currently.  Now when i get a brain jack one day and can run coprocessors etc. maybe  (not one of the first!) .  Other than desktops i have a couple lap tops, great when you need portable and exercise .
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32 >>>> interestingly, RH (and Centos) have both dumped systemd and gone to another system (I don't remember which one).  In fact they've done so retroactively on earlier versions.  Of course the continuing take over of linux by commercial interest is distorting development goals (time spent trying to destandardize/create new standards, make it harder to install and maintain, and new tools they don't have to give away). 
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35 >>> Have you got a source on that? I haven't read any news about RH switching to yet another init system.
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37 >>> I think they're fairly well wedded to Systemd, for better or for worse.
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