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From: Denis <denis.che@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] audacious 2.1.0 - CD Play plugin excruciatingly slow
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 2009 17:49:59
1 Fellow Penguins,
3 I must say I'm not exactly crazy about Audacious version 2 upgrade...
4 My gripes are about the CD Audio plugin only, but this is what I use
5 all the time, so it is somewhat of a nuisance.
7 1) The CD Audio plugin (cdda flag) takes a very long time to load and
8 would hang Audacious for something like 30 seconds before it finally
9 opens.
11 2) I have a problem unloading a CD from the playlist and then loading
12 a new CD. Basically, the tracks and timing information from the
13 previous CD would remain and get re-loaded when I add a new CD, which
14 has completely different tracks and timing...
16 3) If you use the Play CD option, it's more consistent in clearing the
17 previous CD information and loading new one, but then I can't
18 intermingle it with the play list I already have made up, as that
19 makes a new playlist.
21 4) If you use the Add CD option, you can use that in your existing
22 play list, but the CD info just will not refresh when I want to unload
23 the CD and load in a new one!
25 Anyone experience these similar problems? I don't remember
26 experiencing any of these problems with Audacious version 1 - that is
27 very robust, and I am thinking about downgrading to it.
29 Any way of fixing this, or is downgrading the only option?
31 Thanks,
32 Denis
34 P.S. System completely up to date with all latest portage updates,
35 running kernel 2.6.27-gentoo-r8, alsa-plugins-1.0.20,
36 alsa-utils-1.0.20-r5, alsa-lib-1.0.20-r1, audacious-2.1,
37 audacious-plugins-2.1-r1.