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From: Miroslav Rovis <miro.rovis@××××××××××××××.hr>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Cc: Daniel Campbell <zlg@g.o>
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Firefox 49.0 & Youtube....Video: Yes - Audio: No...
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2016 22:34:29
Message-Id: 20161130223415.GA11489@g0n.xdwgrp
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-user] Firefox 49.0 & Youtube....Video: Yes - Audio: No... by Daniel Campbell
1 On 161128-23:51-0800, Daniel Campbell wrote:
2 Pls. note what the title was of this Mozilla Firefox bug just below:
3 > >>>>>>>>> Require PulseAudio on Linux
4 > >>>>>>>>>
5 Surely us users could only get to the conclusion there was no more video
6 w/o Pulse (such as in Debian):
7 > >>>>>>>>> Firefox nightly requires Pulse Audio
8 > >>>>>>>>>
9 (but I let the Debianers know that it doesn't have to be like that... if
10 they get their developers to do it for them, like Gentoo and Archlinux
11 did it for their users:
12 ( the same topic: Firefox nightly requires Pulse Audio)
14 )
15 I said that to Mozilla devs, how our devs did it for us (but in the
16 discussion ensuing this comment of mine below):
17 > > Pls. read my comment of just some half hour ago:
18 > >
19 > >
21 Pls. note the change of title to:
22 Require PulseAudio to play sound on Linux
25 This below (living without dbus):
26 > > Thanks again for caring! I like our devs, I feel fine using Gentoo. Can
27 > > live without systemd, can even live without dbus! That's not what you
28 > > get easily at all in all the distros!
29 wasn't the case just maybe one year, two year ago, with lots of
30 packages. Lots of packages couldn't be installed, well: not easily, in a
31 non-dbus system!
33 Now they can! That's such amazing change in my eyes! And I understand I
34 owe it to some of the really great, some of among the best developers on
35 the planet, because there's no computing like FOSS GNU/Linux, and
36 there's not many distros that match up to Gentoo...
38 You know, it's not very little at all, it takes long use to understand
39 even this much that I have arrived to understand by now...
41 If I compare my knowledge of just a few years ago... I'm slow in my
42 advancing, but still. And it's amazing to be able to understand these
43 nuances.
45 To be able to understand these nuances... to some extent.
47 Can I ask you about this Mozilla bug that even according to my
48 poor user's understanding ;-) , is almost clearly an imposition which
49 wasn't due by any fair reasoning, which wasn't necessary for any
50 warranted reason, can I ask you about it?
52 It would take me long time if I went and perused the Mozilla sources
53 related to this change, and Gentoo ebuilds, and then I would maybe even
54 be able to understand... But that huge kind of time I don't have...
56 ((
57 E.g. here's the only two occurrences of either ALSA, PULSE or even AUDIO or
58 SOUND in the patchset for Firefox-50.0 that I found:
60 # tar xf /usr/portage/distfiles/firefox-50.0-patches-02.tar.xz
61 firefox/
62 firefox/allow-utf8-fallback.patch
63 firefox/8006_fix_third_party_nICEr_math_header.patch
64 ...[16 lines cut]..
65 firefox/8009_system_harfbuzz_graphite2_bug847568_v4.patch
66 ...[12 lines cut]..
67 #
68 # grep -riE 'alsa|pulse|audio|sound' firefox/
69 firefox/8009_system_harfbuzz_graphite2_bug847568_v4.patch: if
72 firefox/8009_system_harfbuzz_graphite2_bug847568_v4.patch: OS_LIBS
75 #
76 (the above are two lines only, not four, that are found, but they are
77 wrapped for email format)
79 And that just does not seem to have any connection with the (as I
80 perceive it) planned imposition of pulseaudio requirement to Firefox by
81 Mozilla... Or does it?
82 ))
84 So can I ask you, but I'm perfectly fine if you can't tell either, I'm
85 not asking you to do the work of reading the code and the ebuilds to
86 tell me what happened, but I only ask you if you maybe know by mere
87 skimming through that Mozilla bug and maybe just giving it a glance at
88 the Gentoo ebuilds...
90 How come Mozilla says the source now requires Pulseaudio, but neither
91 the Achlinux (which is systemd-based), nor Gentoo (which is, the
92 default, OpenRC-based), just do not have that requirement?
94 What's the play there with that strange requirement bug? Go as broad as
95 you feel like. I called it, indirectly, an very likely accomodation for
96 eavesdropping:
99 And where's the magic that does it, to do away with that sad (to not say
100 silly) requirement, in Gentoo patchset?
102 > >
103 > It's my pleasure. I only run PA and dbus for OBS Studio. One day this
104 > system will be back to vanilla ALSA with apulse to fill in any gaps. :)
105 >
106 > I'm glad you were able to find a solution. Audio is one of those things
107 > that's almost unique to every system and problems in one system (even
108 > with the same hardware) may not match the other, so I chose to give you
109 > a handful of options to try, since it's not always clear which solution
110 > is best.
111 And we figured out, and solved it. But the pleasure was mine!
113 > If you ever get sick of manually updating the card numbers, you could
114 > probably write a script for it.
115 Sure, but it's not often that I happen to need to change the card
116 numbers.
117 > Happy browsing,
118 Thanks!
119 >
120 > ~zlg
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127 Regards!
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129 Miroslav Rovis
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