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From: meino.cramer@×××.de
To: Gentoo <gentoo-user@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-user] Webcam ? Help me please...
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2009 10:02:35
Message-Id: 20090725100230.GA13441@solfire
1 Hi,
3 To watch some birds I have bought a Logitech QuickCam Pro For
4 Notebooks WebCam.
6 I have configurted the kernel for UVC and compiled a driver
7 as modulem which is stated to support my Cam.
9 ...the only thing I need is an application to make
10 the video visible and which allows me to save the
11 video and an application to control the
12 cameras features.
14 I found "zoneminder" which is masked due to security issues
15 and which neeed A LOT more things to support features I wont
16 use (PHP, MySQL...).
18 I qsearched for web cam (not match) and other keywords without
19 success.
21 A hint, what to install would be very helpful and heartly
22 welcome!
24 Have a nice weekend!
25 Kind regards,
26 Meino Cramer
29 --
30 Please don't send me any Word- or Powerpoint-Attachments
31 unless it's absolutely neccessary. - Send simply Text.
32 See
33 In a world without fences and walls nobody needs gates and windows.


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